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Hello members of the LGBT community!

The award-winning local film production company, No Sunrise Wasted is filming a feature documentary, “Who’s on Top? LGBTs Summit Mt. Hood.”

We are casting 8 roles for the project, and are inviting you to read through the info below and submit if you are interested!

The documentary will feature the emotional stories of members of the LGBT community who challenge stereotypes about gender and sexuality, and demonstrate their diverse journeys in overcoming physical and figurative mountains.

The story unfolds literally and symbolically in three parts: (1) training and preparing for the ascent (2) the adventure of climbing and attempting the summit, and (3) how the team members relate to the experience afterwards. The documentary explores the themes of personal identity and authenticity as the climbers face the physical obstacles and milestones of this challenging feat (the mountain has claimed multiple fatalities) and the emotional mountain that LGBTs have had to overcome.

Artistic approach: The documentary will feature an unpredictable story arc composed of iconic visual imagery, emotive music, a heartfelt climax, and a hopeful ending. The high production value approach will use a variety of documentary styles: mix of vintage footage (video, photos, newspaper articles), 3D motion graphics, and animated lower third titles. Climbing footage will include dramatic vistas and first person POV footage. Voice-over narration will be provided by an LGBT celebrity.

Production Team


  • A member of the LGBT Community (you must identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender)

  • People of color are especially encouraged to apply

  • Be located in the Pacific Northwest

  • You must be willing to share your personal stories on camera. Be yourself!

  • Be willing to train and meet the stringent fitness requirements which will enable you and the team to summit Mt. Hood in a safe manner

  • 7 month time commitment (part-time):

      • Phase 1: Nov - Dec 2018

        • Training period — physical, technical and safety elements (individual and group)

        • On camera: Initial interview, lifestyle and training footage, formal interview and potential other footage

      • Phase 2: Jan - Feb 2019

        • Targeted time period to summit (backup is Apr 2019) - we will summit with the technical support of experienced and seasoned mountaineering guides. (This will be less than a day)

      • Phase 3: Mar - April 2019

        • Post-summit interviews (half a day)

  • Be willing to help market the film by appearing in select film festivals, and speaking on question and answer panels about your experience of being in the documentary and your compelling personal story

Submission Instructions

  • Submission Instructions

    • Attach a headshot (selfies are fine)

    • Answer these questions in your email:

      • Why do you want to be in “Who’s on Top? LGBTs Summit Mt. Hood”?

      • What is a personal conflict that you have overcome in your past that is unique to being a LGBT person?

      • What is something that most people don’t know about you?

      • What is your mountaineering experience (rate yourself from 0=none to 5=expert)?

      • What is your fitness level (rate yourself from 0=unfit to 5=triathlon shape)?

      • Contact info:

        • Name + Pronoun

        • Age

        • Gender

        • Height

        • Weight

        • Occupation

        • Location

        • LGBT affiliation

        • Phone number

        • Preferred email address

        • Social media info (if you have one)

  • Email submission to: nosunrisewastedcasting@gmail.com by midnight, Sunday, 10.21.2018

Audition Process Overview

  • Phase 1: Deadline 10.21.2018 at midnight

    • Email photo and answers to the selected questions

  • Phase 2: Week of 10.29.2018

    • Phone/facetime/skype interviews with selected semi-finalists

  • Phase 3: Week of 11.05.2018

    • Finalists will be invited to attend an in person, on-camera interview in Portland, Oregon


  • Why is this film being made?

    • As a a gay, Asian-American immigrant filmmaker, it took me a long time to develop the vocabulary and confidence to be able to share and tell authentic and genuine stories. I’ve been obsessed with summit Mt. Hood for quite a while, and I finally have the opportunity to make this happen.

  • I haven’t heard of No Sunrise Wasted. What other films have you done?

    • ‘No Sunrise Wasted’ is a Portland film production company focused on narrative, documentary, and commercial projects. Unicorn is a LGBT short film currently being screened at various film festivals around the country (currently at 10 festivals).
      is a horror/thriller short film also currently on the film festival circuit (2 festivals and counting). Take a look at the sizzle reel: https://youtu.be/mszEXESrcqw

  • Do I need to have mountaineering experience?

    • This documentary is mostly about your personal LGBT story. That is what is most important. You can be a first time or a seasoned mountaineer.

  • What is the cost to participate?

    • There’s no cost to participate --- All expenses related to training and climbing gear will be provided to you free of charge by the producer(s) and sponsor(s)

  • Will I be paid for being in the documentary?

    • There’s no pay for being featured in the documentary (in accordance with best practices in line with ethical journalism)

  • Will kind of legal documents will I have to sign?

    • You must be willing sign a release form in addition to a project agreement and consent to a background check

  • How old do I have to be?

    • 18 and above. You can be any age as long as you can meet the physical assessment requirements as defined by our technical support mountaineering partner

  • Will I receive a response after submission?

    • Yes, all submissions will receive a confirmation email and status updates based on the submission process

  • I have more questions. Who should I email?

    • Please email nosunrisewastedcasting@gmail.com for additional questions and concerns