EVE: The Prologue

A sunny day at the park takes a dark turn when a mysterious event marks the arrival of Eve, a young girl who may not be as innocent as she appears.

Starring: Hannah Loyd (NBC's Grimm) as EVE

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production Crew

  • Director: Devin Tau
  • Executive Producer: Bree Loyd
  • Producers: Devin Tau, Corey Swim, Jonathan Cantrell
  • Creator/Screenwriter/Art Department: Corey Swim
  • Assistant Director: Jonathan Cantrell
  • Director of Photography: Robert Schmeltzer
  • Assistant Camera: Robert M. Caldwell
  • Location Sound: Justin Rapp
  • Gaffer: Ryan Fukuhara
  • Grip: Camrin Ray
  • Script Supervisor: Jeff Stillwell
  • Drone Photography: Chelsea H. Weder
  • Time Lapse Photography: Justin Rapp
  • Costume Designer: Angela Melissa Swim
  • Hair/Makeup: Jenae Knauss
  • SFX Makeup: Sara Dickman
  • Art Department Assistant: Jason Reynolds
  • Assistant Stylist: Isa Cruz
  • Key Production Assistant: Luke Harkins
  • Production Assistant: Jason Reynolds, Lauren Brown, Nancy B. Zaragoza,
  • Storyboard Artist: Dan Schaefer
  • Behind the Scenes Video: Hunter Hartz
  • Still Photographer: Michael Verity
  • Production Consultant: Randolph Sellers
  • Graphics Designer: Carmel Siler
  • Medical Consultant: Airisa Durand
  • Craft Services: Bree Loyd
  • Production Logistics Consultant: Evan Hughes


Post Production

  • Editor: Justin Rapp
  • VFX Supervisor/Motion Graphics: Gary Allan Parks
  • VFX Team: Gary Allan Parks, Fred Ruff, Tarn Fox
  • Music Composer: Brian Sussman
  • Sound Design: Devin Tau, Brian Sussman
  • Sound Editing/Mixing: Justin Rapp


Photo Double

  • Jade Swim


Stand Ins  

  • Carmel Siler
  • Corey Swim
  • Nancy B. Zaragoza


Background children actors

  • Carter Christianson
  • Hanaia Finch
  • Bryleigh Hull
  • Austin Leo
  • Cody Leo
  • James Leo
  • Yeshara Ruth
  • Delyn Wall
  • Keziah Wall
  • Rylie Wall
  • Bela Willmott
  • Boris Willmott


Background actors

  • Airisa Durand
  • Shirley Hull
  • Carmel Siler
  • Jade Swim
  • Emily Wall
  • Nancy B. Zaragoza


Special thanks

  • Kevin Bland
  • Tain Cantrell
  • Bill Dolan
  • Erik Fauske
  • Allan Luebke
  • Kitra Musick
  • Jeremy and Sarah Parks
  • Brian M. Riney
  • Dr. Dominic Siler


in-kind donation thanks

  • B4FX
  • Carmel Siler Realty
  • Deschutes Brewery
  • Guild Mortgage
  • Modo Designer Resale & Consignment Boutique
  • Mundo Catering
  • No Sunrise Wasted
  • Picture This Production Services
  • Portland Community College
  • Premiere Property Group, LLC
  • Refuge
  • Square Mile Cider
  • Traditional Taekwon-Do
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing


Extra Thanks to GoFundMe Donors (as of 05.30.2017)

  • Anonymous
  • Roggen Bram
  • Debbie Brent
  • Peggy Cabrera
  • Katie and Carter Christianson
  • Steven Cooper
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  • Shelby Franks
  • Ryan Fukuhara
  • Rosemary Galanter
  • Team Giuntoli
  • Michael Greenwood
  • Lois Grooms
  • Tina Hannula
  • Michael Jaffe
  • Ajy Jat
  • Michelle Killourhy
  • Kelly Lamb
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  • Nancy Lloyd
  • Riley Loyd
  • Riley Loyd
  • Ashley Marinenko
  • Victoria Warren­ Mears
  • Annette Norick
  • Damien Puckler
  • Billy Richards
  • Brian M. Riney
  • Bunnie Rivera
  • Sheridan Rolland
  • Reed Schackmann
  • Rodney Schackmann
  • Wendi and Guy Schamp
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legal disclaimer

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  • Country of first publication: United States of America. Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this video or any part thereof (including soundtrack) may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.
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